My favorite quote:
"Knowing is not enough we must apply. Willing is not enough we must do." ~Bruce Lee

So. You want to know a little more about me.  Well here goes......

My name is Joanna Toms. And I absolutely LOVE Rottweilers.  Everything about them in fact.

Previously working with and involved with which all began in 2002 and ended in 2008. Working as a Cruelty Investigator and Case Entry into the database. I later sat on their Board of Directors.  In 2008 it was time I move onto other areas on Human and Animal Welfare and tend to the trouble in my marriage that began to evolve in a not good way.  But this is another matter and a complete full disclosure will be made available to the public once authorities are finished and have completed their investigations on the participants. Now...Back to the dogs.

Today as always... I continue to educate on the connection between animal cruelty and human/domestic violence in an effort to help the public understand the dangerous cycle of abuse. I will also be sharing some of my own experiences that come from own survival and my surviving a part of this cycle. And also when situations have risen. I have in the past and will continue exposing the unlawful actions of those persons in regards to animal welfare.

People need to try to understand that abusers come in all forms. Family members and in some cases animal law enforcement.  These abusers and those with an agenda that cover for an abuser of an animal 'ARE' a problem.  Not only for the animal but also for the community they live in and to any animal with a responsible owner.

To much well documented documentation and research information that is freely available to prove this fact. Animal cruelty is a precursor to human violence on many levels but is can take on many forms. Including but not limited to the growing problems with "Abuse of Power" by said animal advocates and law enforcement agencies.

I have worked and will continue with the work in the rehabilitation of the Rottweilers  breed rescued from horrible situations and places. And many from the shelter system itself.  I have a great passion working with these most unfortunate Rottweilers and helping them recover from the horrible abuse they have endured at the hand of an abuser and/or the animal welfare system is and always has been our focus.

Witnessing the horrors and crimes committed against all kinds of animals and admitting,  the cruelty cases that involve Rottweilers have broken my heart so deeply that I remain focused to continue to do more and more Rehabilitation work with the Rottweiler Breed. I have personally witnessed nothing short of miraculous recovery of the Rottweiler, both psychologically and physically, after coming from such horribly abusive situations.

Why I do what I do....

Having personally owned and co-owned Rottweilers since 1995. And seeing what happens to the more unfortunate Rottweilers, well, the horrors and crimes committed against them are some of the most horrific things than anyone can imagine. The abusive actions that are taken against our beloved Rottweilers are truly in-humane. And our countries "Animal Control and Welfare system" has only added to the problem. As they do not heal.  They place with little or no time and work with a Rottweiler before placement. And if there is a doubt based on a simple all breed test evaluation. well... They are killed.  Some would say this is humane. In some cases the dogs a pressed and cramped into cages and needles will break through the veins multiple times and the dogs suffer immensely.  The last minute or two till the breathing stops.  And the brain stays active until the oxygen is depleted.  The cage helps them from thrashing about and the natural canine instinct to survive kicks in with no ability to breathe.  Until the brain slowly dies.

Are you upset by this yet? Good.  I sure hope so. Maybe this will be a wake up call for those that need it. If you thing the problem is too big to fix.  Think again.  If all goes as planned. In the coming of 2014.  Our gloves are coming off.  And the plan is to start talking and taking all the documentation (FOIA) that that has been accumulated collected only from 2002.  Or looking into some of the nitty gritty details on some of the documentation and helping those interested in knowing why many animal advocates and enforcement agencies cant afford for animal cruelty to stop nor do they want it to.   First thing gone would be their job.  Yeppers.. that good ole "Dirty Money Wheel"

 Understanding the things that I have personally witnessed of the Rottweilers are too graphic and cruel to include here. Physical injury and illness aren't the only obstacles that Rottweilers face. Shock, trauma, and a lack of food and fluids have taken a toll on the animals' psychological well-being, too, creating additional challenges to work with.

Sometimes a Rottweiler may be mislabeled as dangerous or aggressive. Some of these Rottweilers are simply at their wits' end. And need to be kept in a quiet area with food, water as to give them some time they need to have. Usually in a short period of time they are easily handled.

Rottweilers that have been owner surrendered can be extremely sensitive to work with. For example the formerly friendly family pet that was surrendered to a shelter or to an environment that is very extremely undesirable often react in fear and panic.

Please try to remember that every Rottweiler's ability to handle trauma is different. Some are more resilient and bounce back without any apparent emotional scars, while others develop a lower threshold to fear-provoking circumstances. In some cases, some may display food aggression, but that behavior will most likely fade as the rottweiler realizes there's a steady food source.

For cases of high anxiety or physiological-based aggression, we work with this and we seek the help of a veterinarian certified in applied animal behavior. These animals' sometimes need a medication assisted  program to help lessen their anxiety and to move forward.

Our programs will follow a minimum of a eight- to twelve-week  period of time coupled with exercise and followed with general obedience to keep the dog's mind busy and distracted from residual anxiety. Only after this initial period will they be properly evaluated.

We feel it is very important let the dogs set the pace, and to be patient with their emotional states. A lot of human love and patience can help these animals succeed in the next stage of a life that was forever changed by abuse and neglect they came from.

The demand over all is not high for the Rottweiler breed.  Particular from a shelter.Overall the Rottweiler breed is forced to bascially face a "system" that is designed to fail this breed for the most part. These are the Rottweilers that are not discussed and their numbers get lost in the administrative reports of the intake and outtake.


If you decide to adopt one of our Rescued Rottweilers:

The Rescued Rottweilers that are with us have been with us a minimum of 3-6 months for rehab time and I know the personalities of these dogs and what types of homes/environments would be best fitting for them. Each dog that we adopt out has been spayed or neutered and is up to date in all vaccinations and on heart worm prevention and permanently identified by Microchip. Please, take the extra time and do your research prior to actually getting a Rottweiler. By researching this wonderful breed you will greatly improve your own ability to match up the right dog with the right personality for you and your families, personality, lifestyles. Brining any dog into your home should NEVER be an impulse, quick decision, but rather done as a commitment to the dog for the remainder of it's lifetime!!! PLEASE take everything I have mentioned into consideration before you contact me. All Things Dog!