Do you really know what’s in 'your 'Rottweilers food?

Good nutrition plays a vital role throughout your Rottweiler's life. Just like children, Rottweilers on junk-food diets often suffer undesirable behaviors. Remember, Rottweilers need a completely balanced diet for the activities they have everyday. There are several dog foods that will do just that. However, in my own experiences it shows that a Rottweilers diet is one of the most important yet a lot of the time,  completely overlooked. And this is something that should be taken seriously.  Your Rottweilers diet should be free of unnecessary fillers and harmful chemicals and it should contain highly digestible proteins as this can help your rottweiler to live a longer life, reducing the occurrence of preventable diseases and ailments.

All the dogs here both ours and the rescues eat primarily B.A.R.F (RAW)  I will be adding more information as I get some time to sit in front of the computer.  We do use kibble (some listed below) as a part of there diet as well. And supplement with the appropriate vitamins for each individual dogs needs.  When looking for kibble remember: Read the ingredients. and stay away from ingredients like by-products, animal digest and etc. If we can be of any assistance please feel free to Contact us.

Life’s Abundance® Premium Health Food for Dogs is always made with the freshest, human-quality ingredients, which gives your dog the best quality possible! It is a dry dog food that contains all natural chicken and top quality catfish with the best fresh fruit, vegetables and select farm foods. Life’s Abundance® also contains a superior blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants important for healthy dogs. Contains no artificial flavors, colors, sugars, or chemical preservatives. 
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Life's Abundance

We also use Life's Abundance for Dogs and the canned cat food for our cats from Healthy Pet Net and we distribute this wonderful product line. This helps to support Rott Stop Rehab-Rescue through referrals. By clicking the link above which will ensure additional needed support for Rott Stop Rehab-Rescue..


Evangers Dog Food - Naturally the Best


We use the Evanger's canned Bison and Rabbit as a mixer with kibble. We Also Highly Recommend this food.