March 10, 2008

We lost  Doug today. I can't really write anything right now. Just to emotional for me.  I will work on a tribute page for Doug.  And I hope to show and share some of the miracles with this Beautiful Rottweiler named Doug.

As he was such a remarkable Rottie Boy. God speed my Dear Canine Friend.



January 19, 2008 Doug is up and walking !!!

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Dec 2007 - Doug is still showing improvement in his motor skills with all 4 legs and I am trying to locate a quad cart to see if there is one we can borrow for Doug.  Doug is really trying to walk.   Videos are going to be uploaded that I have taken of him so you can see him in action.  If you know of any organization or person that may have a cart that we could borrow for Doug.  Please contact us. I have been using a pair of stretchie sweat pants and a lifting belt to lift Doug to help him exercise. If he was able to get up on all fours and exercise more freely I feel it would help him gain more independent mobility.


July 2007 - Doug is truly a very special boy who still is very full of life.  He has started to regain some use of his front legs and shoulders now and has begun to really steer and scoot about the house.  God, I love this dog!  To know what he came from and to be so full of life even under these limitations that have come upon him last January. Well, he is a great dog!


Special Needs Doug has a very special rottie-angel Karen.  She has been sending Doug a great product called Dog Gone Pain every month to help with his extra joint care. And she has helped us with the extra bedding he needs to properly support his big body.  Karen, Thank you so much for helping Doug. 


This is Our Ebba laying with Doug.   The bonding between the dogs here is wonderful.  I would not be able to do this without them.

Jan 23, 2007 - This is the day Doug laid down and never got back up. Doug was not able to walk. For reasons I don't completely understand.   The vet told us x-rays revealed  he has a mild case of  Spondylitis.  He is in no pain what so ever .  He is eating, drinking and playing with his toys. And in March 2007 he started to regain some use of his rear legs! There is hope!

Above is Doug at the vet getting x-rayed after he went lame in January 2007.

We call him our "Bubba" Doug.   He came from Spaulding County Shelter in Georgia. He was extremely malnourished  and neglected when he first came to us.   He suffered extreme separation anxiety and other various emotional stresses.  He is now such a mellow boy.  Though he continues to have some troubles with his right shoulder.   We have been extremely successful in building his muscles through is hips and over his body.  He came to us weighing approx 60 pounds and he now weighs 125 pounds. It had taken some time to build his nutrition and overall physical condition.   But this boy is such a sweet gentle dog. And all it took was allot of Love, Groceries and nutritional supplementation and patience.

Doug is great with Kids, Cats, Dogs and everyone he meets.  He is believed to be approx 11-12-13+years old now.   He has a great disposition! Yes he is an older dog. 

He is neutered, up to date in all vaccinations and on flea, tick and heartworm (Iverhart Plus), preventative.

Doug Before

Please contact us if you would like to assist with Doug's Care and Medical. 


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