Special Needs This is a very Nice Senior Rottie Boy who is with us from Kodi's Club. 

I have so really enjoyed working with Maxwell as he is really a great dog. He is a smart boy.  He is dominant by nature.  He is NOT aggressive. If you do understand this, great.   As sometimes it is hard for people to understand the difference between the two.

Maxwell thrives and functions extremely well with routine, structure and regular daily exercise and activities. He is not and will not suitable to be placed in an active multi-member family with children or small hyper dogs nor any cats.  He is very toy motivated. And also exhibits resource guarding with strangers and other dogs as well.

Dec 5, 2007 Click Here for more Snow Play!

April 11, 2007 Day 32 Morning after Surgery ( Our little Boo-Boo Face!)

This Rottie Senior Boy arrived to us March 9, 2007.

Additional Intake Pictures

March 12, 2007 Day 3

March 29, 2007 Day 19

April 11 2007 Day 32

Dec 5 2007 Snow Play


If you are not in a position of foster or adopt please consider helping Kodi's Club help Maxwell.  Please consider sponsoring or helping Maxwell.