Brutus (Sanctuary)  June 13, 2006

Brutus Passed away this day. :-(

Brutus will no longer available for adoption.  We feel with his age that it would be best for him to live with us for the remainder of his days.  He is on most days a happy boy but lately he has been showing ill signs and the possible upset of relocating him would at this point be traumatic for him.

Brutus was originally adopted by a man from a Humane Society in March 2001.  Then 4 years later.   Brutus was surrendered to us through no fault of his own by this man because he was moving (excuse#1), had a new girlfriend (excuse#2), changed jobs (excuse#3) and he claimed could no longer keep Brutus. (Yeah I know. What a jerk! When will some people realize pets are not disposable?)

This has been very hard on Brutus emotionally.  As he was a very loyal canine companion to his previous owner. He has done extremely well in coping and has begun to move forward. Brutus will only be available to the right loving/secure home.  He is a Senior Boy. He has been with us for approx 1 year 3 months and he has learned to get along with our cats  and most of the other Rottweilers in our home. Though we feel he would be best suited for a rottweiler experienced home where he is the only one.

He is neutered, up to date in all vaccinations and on heartworm, flea, tick preventative.









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