Our Wish List

First and foremost, our wish is for Wonderful Families and Dedicated Individuals to provide loving home and to make a difference in their community and in the life of a dog, so we can keep rehabilitating Rottweilers to become wonderful Canine Companions.

Please consider a rescue and contact us for our

Rottweiler Adoption Questionnaire


If you would like to come by and play with a bunch of Rotties.  Contact us about dropping by our home for a visit! This is our private home and not a shelter. We have a very organized system to keep up the way we do with the needs of each individual Rottweiler here.

 Rottweilers that come into our program are here with us until they are placed directly into their forever home or are ready to go to a foster home until their forever homes comes available. The average stay is approximately 2-4 months before they are ready for their forever homes.  Everything is very hands on. And the bottom line is  I do not follow the "Treat and Street" method for Rottweilers.  Rottweiler come in and we get to know every detail about their behavior and what type of home would be best suited for them. This also gives this the opportunity to give the potential new family a history for this dog. I have a great passion working with these most unfortunate Rottweilers and helping them survive and recover from the horrible abuse ( Sad but True) that they have endured at the hand of an abuser.

We will only be able to continue the help with the rehabilitation of these disadvantaged Rottweilers and specifically the survivors of animal cruelty and neglect with your help.

Who supports us?

On this website you will see banners that can generate a small revenue. And not a penny to to small of an amount.  I work from home (web design & hosting) and some of our support for the rehab-rescue work and the supplies that are so desperately needed (Like cleaning supplies bedding, etc.) comes from individuals like yourself and pro bono help here at our home like helping me walk and exercise dogs. A very special thank you to all of them for their support they have given the Rottweilers that have come to us. 

It is a very tough time for everyone these days with all the fuel prices and everything else that is going up.  It is allot to manage here.   So please if you are thinking what can we do. Well,  We are always in need of pet safe cleaning supplies, Like Oust, Odergone, etc. &  paper shop towels, sheets, blankets, vitamins and of course hardy and strong toys!

Also if you know of a Rottweiler in need. Let us know.  Rott Stop Rehab is more than willing to list  list Rottweilers in need of re-homing on our site. All and any rottweiler listed for adoption/placement on our site must be spayed or neutered and be up to date in all vaccinations prior to re-homing. Please contact us directly for a simple form to be completed. There are no fees for assisting. I do this only to help more Rottweilers that are in need of re-homing.

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